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Snack Chips Gift Set Party Box Bundle Care Package 50 Count

As you see the picture, the Party Snack Box includes a flavorful snacks that everyone loves. Check out what includes in the box!

WISE Crunchy Cheese Doodle (2)
WISE Thin Pretzels (2)
WISE Nacho Bravos (2)
WISE Natural Potato Chips (2)
Pep Farm Goldfish (1)
Frito Grandma Vanilla Bits (1)
Keebler Cheez-It (1)
Nabisco Oreo Cookie Sandwish (1)
Kellogg's Mini Fudge Stripes (1)
Austin Cookie Sandwish (1)
Skittles (4)
Rice Krispies (4)
Haribo Gold Bear (4)
Welch's (4)
Twizzler (4)
Perfetti Airhead (4)
Nuclear SQWorm (4)
Laffy Taffy (4)
David Nacho Sunflower Seed (2)
David Original Sunflower (2)

Flavors and Selections may be varied upon availability and expiration date

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